Photo of Blake Brown, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Blake Brown

Hugh C. Kiger Professor and Extension EconomistAgricultural & Resource Economics

Extension and research responsibilities for farm management and policy.

Photo of Gary Bullen, NC Cooperative Extension

Gary Bullen

Extension Associate - Farm ManagementAgricultural & Resource Economics

Evaluating new crops and enterprises and direct marketing. Budgets for tobacco, peanuts and cotton

Photo of Hannah Burrack, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Hannah Burrack

Assoc. Professor and Extension Specialist (Berry, Tobacco and Specialty Crops)Entomology and Plant Pathology

We study the biology and management of insect pests and pollinators in berry crops and tobacco.

Photo of Grant Ellington, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Grant Ellington

Extension Associate / SpecialistBiological & Agricultural Engineering
Photo of Loren Fisher, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Loren Fisher

Extension Tobacco Specialist and ProfessorCrop and Soil Sciences

Matt Inman

Research AssistantCrop and Soil Sciences
Photo of Mina Mila, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Mina Mila

Extension Tobacco Specialist and Associate ProfessorEntomology and Plant Pathology

Tobacco Specialist

Photo of Matthew Vann, NC Cooperative Extension

Matthew Vann

Assistant Professor & Tobacco Extension SpecialistCrop and Soil Sciences

Focal point of research involves the pesticide residue field testing program, using flue-cured tobacco as a method of weed control, implementing alternative fertility programs in the northwestern Piedmont region of North Carolina, evaluating strip-tillage in flue-cured tobacco production, and establishing alternative tillage practices for producers. Matthew also assists with official variety trials, the regional tobacco growth regulator program, grower meetings, the US Tobacco GAP initiative, and other Extension related responsibilities.