2017 Flue-Cured Tobacco OVT Results

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The 2017 Flue-Cured Tobacco OVT results are now available and can be accessed through the links below. Each data table is also included in the 2018 NCSU Tobacco Production Guide, which will be available the second week of January 2018. As a reminder, producers are encouraged to consider disease resistance, agronomic characteristics, and holding ability when making variety decision. Further information specific to disease resistance can be found in the “Managing Diseases” section of the Tobacco Production Guide.

See additional information for the OVT and Minimum Standards Programs.

Special thanks are owed to the staff of the Cunningham, Oxford Tobacco, and Upper Coastal Plain Research Stations for their assistance with plot maintenance, harvest, curing, grading, and sample collection. A huge thank you is also extended to Mr. Ken Barnes for his role as technical supervisor of the flue-cured OVT program.

Lastly, for assistance with variety selection, or any other tobacco related questions, please contact your local Extension Agent.

2017 Oxford, NC (Oxford Tobacco Research Station)

2017 Rocky Mount, NC (Upper Coastal Plain Research Station)

2017 Kinston, NC (Cunningham Research Station)

2017 Combined OVT – All 2017 Locations

2017 Combined Two Year OVT (2016-2017)

2017 Combined Three Year OVT (2015-2017)