Quick Note on Cold Injury and Boron Deficiency in the Greenhouse

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Below is a link to information regarding cold injury and boron deficiency on tobacco seedlings. With the warmer day temperatures and cold evening/nighttime temperatures, cold injury or cold shock is common to see. As noted in the information posted, cold injury and boron deficiency can produce very similar symptoms. It is very important to make a distinction between the two. Cold injury can slow growth, however, plant growth should resume normal once temperatures are corrected. In regards to boron, there is a fine line between deficiency and toxicity and if boron is not limiting a supplemental application can lead to severe injury and death of plants. Deficiencies can be confirmed through tissue analysis.


Cold injury

Cold injury

Cold injury

Sufficient boron at 19 days with boron in media (No additional boron)

Boron toxicity at 19 days (Supplemental boron added on top of boron in media)

Greenhouse temperature management was discussed earlier this season. That post can be found at this link:


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