TGANC Annual Meeting presentation Feb 6 2015

Flue-Cured Situation and Outlook December 2014
Presentation at Tobacco Day, December 4, 2014

Economic Considerations in Buying a New Tobacco Barn
Presentation at Tobacco Day, December 4, 2014

Flue-Cured Situation and Outlook August 2014
Presentation for Tobacco Associates, August 21, 2014

U.S. Tobacco Situation and Outlook
October 2014 situation and economic outlook information for U.S. flue-cured, burley and dark tobacco.

U.S. Tobacco Production and Use
Stocks, production, domestic use and exports of U.S. flue-cured and burley tobacco.  Updated October 2014.

The End of the Tobacco Transition Payment Program (TTPP)
Article on the potential impacts as the TTPP ended this year.

The End of the TTPP
Presentation by Blake Brown at the November, 2013 Annual Meeting of the U.S. Tobacco Cooperative

E-Cigs: A Game Changer
Presentation by Blake Brown at Tobacco Day December 5, 2013 on Electronic Cigarettes and how they may impact the tobacco market.

2014 NC Crop Insurance
2014 Commodity Insurance Fact Sheet from USDA-RMA for North Carolina Tobacco

Enterprise Budgets
Link to enterprise budgets in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics.  Enterprise budgets provide a guide for calculating costs and returns for various crops and livestock enterprises.

North Carolina Farm Land Prices
April, 2013 article by Blake Brown on the trends and economic fundamentals affecting farm land prices in North Carolina.

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