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Tobacco insect scouting report. July 17, 2014

It is now week twelve for our weekly scouting report and pest pressure is lower compared to the past few weeks. Due to topping at most sites, tobacco budworm populations are down, and hornworms MORE »

Photo: Cameron McLamb

Tobacco insect scouting report. July 9, 2014 popular

It is week eleven for our weekly scouting reports. Budworm pressure is relatively similar to last week. With most sites planning to top within the next week or two, we expected to see the MORE »

Larger plants present this week. Photo: Cameron McLamb

Tobacco insect scouting report. July 3, 2014 popular

We are in our tenth week of scouting, and tobacco budworms are still active at most sites. Although, fewer sites exceed thresholds. Some fields are starting to flower, and these flowers are particularly attractive MORE »

Tobacco budworm larvae of varying sizes. Photo: Hannah Burrack

What’s up with all these budworms? popular

We exceed tobacco budworm thresholds at several of our scouting locations last week, which was also the case for a number of growers.  This week, however, scouting at some of these same locations has MORE » – from   Entomology


Tobacco insect scouting report. June 12, 2014

It is our seventh week of scouting at our IPM and grower standard fields. The tobacco plants are looking healthy, given substantial sunshine and rain over the past week. Budworms have started showing up MORE »

A healthy plant from one of our piedmont locations. Photo: Cameron McLamb

Tobacco insect scouting report. May 30, 2014

Our weekly scouting, now in week five, has shown a slight increase in flea beetle activity, but still well below the threshold amounts required to begin treatment. After reports of budworms in some MORE »

Thrips on tobacco leaf. Photo via Danny Pierce, NC crop consultant.

Questions about thrips in tobacco

This week growers, agents, and consultants have noticed unusually large numbers of thrips on tobacco. This is no surprise to cotton growers, who have been asking about thrips for a few weeks. Agent MORE »


Tobacco insect scouting report. May 16, 2014

It is week three monitoring the Integrated Pest Management fields and the grower standard fields in our Eastern and Piedmont locations. Heavy rainfall left most fields in muddy conditions, but overall plant health MORE »

Photo: Cameron McLamb

Tobacco insect scouting report. May 9, 2014

It is week two for scouting in our Eastern 1 and 2 research fields. In order to  potentially reduce pesticide use, grower costs, and pesticide residue in cured-leaf, research is being conducted at MORE »

Recently planted tobacco plant. Photo: Hannah Burrack

Tobacco insect scouting update. May 2, 2014

This summer, we have begun a new project focussed on implementing integrated pest management (IPM) practices for insects in commercial tobacco fields. This project was inspired by observations during our GAP training sessions MORE »

two hornworms

Identifying Hornworms

Two species of hornworm caterpillars feed on tobacco and other plants. Tobacco hornworms (Manduca sexta) and tomato hornworms (Manduca quinquemaculata) are easy to confuse.  They both have similar appearance, life cycles, and eat MORE » – from   Entomology