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Tobacco Insect Scouting Report, May 22 2015

Similar to previous weeks, we observed very little activity across all sites this week. Some stands appear to be showing signs of disease or phytotoxicity from treatments, but  plants are beginning to grow MORE »


Tobacco Insect Scouting Report, May 8, 2015 popular

Tobacco Transplants in the greenhouse We’ve begun scouting in some our sites for this field season! It’s warming up outside and we are excited to get back in the field and share our scouting reports from MORE »

2014 Upper Coastal Plain Station

Greenhouse Nutrition

There has been a lot of discussion about the do’s and don’ts of greenhouse fertility management. As we approach the greenhouse season, take a look at these publications from the Soil Science Department MORE »

Tobacco GAP Meeting Schedule

Fifteen GAP recertification meetings will be held in North Carolina during January and February of 2015. You can find meeting dates and details for these as well as meetings in GA, SC, VA, MORE »

Harvested tobacco stalks from our experimental plot at Upper Coastal Plain Research Station near Rocky Mount, NC.

Tobacco scouting finished for the season

Tobacco harvest and insect populations are winding down.  Last week, the grower at our Eastern 1 and 2 sites and the crew at our Upper Coastal Plain Research Station sites finished priming, so our MORE »

View down a row of our Eastern 1 site.

Tobacco insect scouting report, September 5, 2014

We are at week nineteen of scouting, and harvesting is happening at all locations. The Piedmont site continued with harvesting this week and the Eastern 3 & 4 locations have completed harvesting this week. Since harvesting is completed MORE »

Tobacco from our Piedmont site has grown noticeably over the past few weeks.

Tobacco insect scouting report. August 29, 2014

We are at week eighteen of scouting.  Two of our eastern sites are almost done with harvesting, while harvesting continues at our other locations. None of our grower plots have hornworms or flea beetles MORE »

Red morphs of the green peach aphid on tobacco flower. Photo: Hannah Burrack

Aphids in (mostly organic) tobacco

Several questions on have come in the during the past week about aphids on tobacco.  In most cases, these questions were related to management in organic tobacco, where aphids are the most difficult MORE » – from   Entomology

Tobacco insect scouting report. August 4, 2014

It is week fourteen of our weekly scouting program, and numbers remain low. Flea beetle numbers have increased somewhat but are still low enough to not cause any substantial damage. We have observed a MORE »

Tobacco insect scouting report. July 17, 2014

It is now week twelve for our weekly scouting report and pest pressure is lower compared to the past few weeks. Due to topping at most sites, tobacco budworm populations are down, and hornworms MORE »

Larger plants present this week. Photo: Cameron McLamb

Tobacco insect scouting report. July 3, 2014

We are in our tenth week of scouting, and tobacco budworms are still active at most sites. Although, fewer sites exceed thresholds. Some fields are starting to flower, and these flowers are particularly attractive MORE »

Tobacco budworm larvae of varying sizes. Photo: Hannah Burrack

What’s up with all these budworms?

We exceed tobacco budworm thresholds at several of our scouting locations last week, which was also the case for a number of growers.  This week, however, scouting at some of these same locations has MORE » – from   Entomology